Inktober is a yearly online challenge proposing to make 1 drawing a day for all october, with one imposed theme for each day.

I chose to use my reMarkable e-ink tablet to go through this challenge, and to link (almost) every theme to my TTRPG universe, Debile Inside to enrich it. Two birds, one stone, right ?

What I worked on

I took the challenge pretty late, only the 5th day, but then I successfully kept on track until the end.


Day 5 : Blade

The "Soûle Blade", mythical bot-blade of the Drunk (Le Pochtron), god of alcohol, party, and hangovers. Perfect to slice the air... if anything. A great drinking buddy to bear on your belt.


Day 6 : Rodent

Lurecar Corp presents : the BAMSTER© (former Hamsterbam©)
Basicly, a poor thing stuffed to the bone with explosives and featuring a detonator (or a fuse, for the nostalgic bunch). Once armed, the Bamster explodes on impact, or at the end of the countdown.
And you still wonder why people fear the rodents ?
(Confetti and lavender fragrance in option)


Day 7 : Fancy

Creature from the Mined Earth bestiary : the Fawn-Saw (Faon-scie, in french), mutant result of the evolution of every little fawn seeking vengeance for the tragic death of their mommy.
Cuts trees and members in excess.


Day 8 : Teeth

"Not eashy to keep a good dental hygiene wishout collarbone."
Gee... Well, even mighty demonic skulls have their issues.

This piece is the only one outside of Debile Inside's universe. This is just a tribute to the greatest game in the world : Monkey Island.
What ? Did I just make another tribute ?


Day 9 : Throw

Here's the direct consequence of a critical fail on a grenade throwing test.


Day 12 : Slippery

S-RI unit, A.k.a. Slip-RI, little "Smooth Walker" midget'bot.
Huh, Slip-RI, you should get that hose checked... soon !


Day 13 : Dune

The dunes of the Blue-Gray Desert, burnt by two suns, inhospitable, but not so much inhabited.


Day 14 : Armor

The Tire Armor™, Armazone's best seller and top fashion trend in every raiders community. Light and bouncy, you wille never be tired ** wink, wink ** of wearing it.


Day 15 : Outpost

Hoody aliens are few and incognito (except for bots), and seem to walk on eden as in an observation internship... And most likely speculate on the surrounding stupidity.


Day 18 : Trap

The Dodging Shield, a rare murphic artifact.
Big karmic joke (as in "dumbass trap"), this shield dodges even bullets... But still does not give its owner the same ability.


Day 19 : Dizzy

Albur Camé, journalist and writer.
Mostly know for the semi-lethal doses of Skeleton Pepper (Piment-Des-Squelettes) he puts in his nosetrils, and for his writing style featuring few punctuation... or spaces.


Day 20 : Coral

The vealmon (le veaumon), proud representative of Eden's bestiary.
Unlike its cousin the muhray (la meurène), it's a peaceful animal.
Tasting idea : the vealmon steak with raider salsa. A delight ! Watch out for fishbones, though.


Day 21 : Sleep

The Dade (le Daron), god of wisdom and lazyness. His worshippers are encouraged not to pray him too much so he can finish his nap.
Any resemblance with a Jeff Bridges would be purely coincidental.


Day 22 : Chef

Le most trendy cook, chef of the Raider's Grill, in Deadrust (Morte-Rouille). His moto : "Buy one meat, take one trouble away from the roads."


Day 23 : Rip

The tumbstone of Hunter, The Rock's prophet, place of pilgrimage for the cultist of this sobriety preaching and bier and coffee forbidding god.
Well I don't know for the bier, but here's yout coffin. Joke's on you !

"And lead us not into fermentation, but deliver us from the ale."
If that ain't bullshit...


Day 24 : Dig

Vurreec presents : the Dark Strongshovel, an essential tool for any gravedigger who likes to chose his future customers.


Day 26 : Hide

One of the most valuable Lurecar products : Mutella !
Start the jar with one finger, and finish it with chocolate all over your tentacles and antenas... Now you won't need any light in the dark ever again.


Day 27 : Music

HUG0_CH4U, musician bot.
Its anti-capitalism anthems like "Stand up bots" made it one of the founding fath... personnalities of the first bot country : the USB-khistan.


Day 31 : Crawl

Another addition to the bestiary : The Hurtle !
Probably one of the most lethal creatures of the bunch... provided it manages to get you.
It does not eat very often, but still... Beware.

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